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New Madness Just Gets Me Enraged


(Yohanna Idha)

I find myself irritated by the appearance of upcoming film “Madness”, which seems to be little more than yet another in a long string of Texas Chainsaw Knockoffs and whose only saving grace appears to be a flood of terror hotties—Yohanna Idha and Victoria Bloom, specifically–as cheerleaders.  It’s not just because this is yet another cheesy splatter flick that appeals to the lowest common denominator of folks who like to see hot chicks get tortured, but rather because it has outright stolen the title of a perfectly good horror flick also called Madness.

Madness the first was, if you can believe it, an almost-Christian thriller flick that echoed in true horror fashion the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife.  This was all kinds of freaky, especially when the Joseph analogue decided to run amok instead of bear up silently as the original did.  It was an excellent story with great characters and a great performance all around.

Madness the second, meanwhile, is brought to us by a studio with sheer balls enough to call itself “Stockholm Syndrome”, and based on the trailer, will be a total waste of time.

And that’s two strikes against the new Madness before it even hits shelves, apparently sometime in 2009.