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There Is a Hottie In Spanish Terror


(Jennifer Matter)

You know, the Spaniards aren’t exactly known for their horror movies.  Sure, they’re responsible for amazing horror movie [REC], but beyond that, there’s not a whole lot they’re known for.  I can’t even name two others off the top of my head, so they really don’t have a whole lot of big-name entries.  But that’s a trend they may well be out to reverse with Paintball, featuring terror hottie Jennifer Matter.

It’s about what it sounds like—Paintball is the story of a bunch of paintball players out in the woods, who for some reason run afoul of a serial killer who stalks and kills them.  I know, not exactly a huge surprise, but it does have the potential to have a lot of good scares and plenty of tension-building sequences.  It may be more of the same, but there’s every possibility that it could be a particularly well-executed example of more of the same, so that’s something to look forward to.

We’ll get our chance to find out how well this turned out sometime in 2009.