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Alone in the Dark II—Unsettling Cast News


(P.J. Soles)

Most of us probably remember the unmitigated pile of garbage that was the first Alone in the Dark.  Uwe Boll isn’t exactly known for his good movies, so it may come as something of a surprise to hear that Alone in the Dark is getting a sequel called Alone in the Dark II—Fate of Existence.

Now, I’m personally sorrowing on this one—one of my personal favorite actors Lance Henriksen is neck-deep in this mother, as well as Halloween classic terror hottie P.J. Soles.  Also included are recent Boll staples Zack Ward and Michael Pare, as well as horror standard-bearers who really should know better Bill Moseley and Danny Trejo.

I don’t know how these movies keep getting made, I don’t know how they keep finding casts (I’m going to go not very far out on a limb and say that “money” is involved) and I sure don’t know why people keep watching Boll titles.  Considering that the online petition to get him out of film permanently is about one-third of the way to its million-name goal (the point at which Boll himself said he’d bail if it reached), you’d think that this wouldn’t be making near the money needed to keep it afloat.