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The Woman Gets A Release Date

We’ve been following The Woman for some time now, and this highly controversial, terror hottie-packed experience (featuring both Pollyanna McIntosh and Angela Bettis) is finally getting a full video release, sooner than you might think.

The Woman follows the last survivor of Jack Ketchum’s last outing, who managed to escape the horror of the previous title (though admittedly, she was responsible for a good chunk of it). Now, badly wounded and alone, the Woman (as she’s come to be known) has managed to land herself in a much worse situation. A local court official has found the Woman, and decided to embark on a project to “civilize” her. And though our court offcial is a powerful man in several respects, he may have bit off a whole lot more than he can chew by trying to get the forest out of the Woman.

Alternately beloved and reviled by viewers, The Woman will be landing on a variety of platforms January 24th. I’m certainly looking forward to it, because frankly, with the wild divergence of early opinion, this could either be terrific or terrible, just which will remain to be seen.

The Woman’s First Clip Arrives

Angela Bettis’s upcoming horror romp The Woman will be coming up pretty soon now, so it’s not surprising to see news emerge for it. And this particular item will be pretty big to boot; specifically, it’s the first ever clip for The Woman, and it’s actually looking pretty good.

The Woman is the sequel to Offspring, based on the original Jack Ketchum novel, that rejoins us with the titular woman from the original. And this time, the Woman will find herself in the clutches of a successful lawyer with a few secrets of his own that’s out to civilize the Woman. But what happens as a result of this is going to be a lot more than anyone wants to admit.

The clip looks pretty good, even if I haven’t been terribly pleased with Ketchum’s work thus far. It doesn’t show a whole lot, but it does whet the appetite. I’m prepared to give this one the benefit of the doubt when it hits theaters in limited release October 11th.

The Woman Offers A Sweet Giveaway

p>Sure, I think a lot of us are looking forward to checking out The Woman, featuring Angela Bettis as the terror hottie of choice, when it finally hits limited theaters October 14th. But now there’s a little extra reason to look forward to it: a sweet giveaway.

And what are they giving away, you wonder? Simple: they’re giving away signed pages from the original rough draft script of The Woman, signed by Lucky McGee and Jack Ketchum alike.

All you’ll have to do is buy a ticket for opening weekend–dated between October 14th and October 16th–then fill out a self-addressed stamped envelope and put your ticket stub in it. Then mail it to:

Joshua Jabcuga
Attn: Lucky Jack
69 Sherwood Ave.
Hamburg, NY 14075

And then, a little later, they’ll send you your signed page in your stamped envelope.

Pretty cool giveaway, I’d say, and was enough to make me check if there was a showing near me. Sadly, the nearest one was a hundred or so miles out, but still. If you want a cut of The Woman, you’ll need to get in on this one.

The Woman Gets New Teaser Trailer

Well, folks, if you’ve been waiting for a sequel to Jack Ketchum’s Offspring for some time now, you may be sufficiently cheered by the prospect that The Woman will be coming soon, and it’s released a fresh teaser trailer to make its presence known.

The Woman picks up where Offspring left off, with most of the Woman’s tribe dead following their attempt to seize a baby or two. Now, the Woman, the last survivor, gravely wounded, finds herself taken prisoner by a man possibly even more dangerous than she is. Christopher Cleek, local hunter and court official with disturbing secrets of his own, takes the Woman prisoner and back to his house, where he sets his family to work civilizing her. But will the civilization take? Or will the Woman put paid to Cleek and his family?

I wasn’t very fond of Offspring, but even I’m interested in seeing The Woman, as I can’t resist a storyline in which something that was evil meets an evil even greater. And we’ll get to see how this turns out when it hits limited theaters this October.

Angela Bettis Part of Something Big

(Angela Bettis)

Okay…THIS is pretty awesome. Seems the terror hotties are starting to branch into comedy, as freaky little Angela Bettis (you’ll remember her from May, as well as Masters of Horror segment Sick Girl) will be in a couple of movies currently in the post-production stages. One is a film called Inheridance, which is still pretty short in the information department—IMDB doesn’t even have a reliable synopsis about it yet—but another one is much more informed.

It’s called Drones, and it’s one of those office comedy / romance / dramas that you see every so often ever since Mike Judge kicked our asses with Office Space and Dilbert made it big. And not only is Angela Bettis in it, but it is being at least partially directed by Amber Benson.

Now I’m amazed. Really. Angela Bettis acting and Amber Benson directing an Office Space-esque comedy? Tell me that’s not something to get excited about! The rest of the cast is another reason to be cheery and includes names like The Venture Brothers’ own Doctor Rusty Venture, James Urbaniak.

No word yet on street dates, but it can’t be soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

Another Sweet Halloween Event Happening Well Before Halloween

For those among my readership who both live in Chicago and think that either Angela Bettis or Anna Faris is a choice terror hottie, you might well have missed a real treat. Live in Chigao at Music Box Massacre 4, you could’ve gotten in on a lineup of movies that includes one of your personal favorites—May.

I liked May myself, not least of all because Bettis and Faris are skilled actresses who turned out to make great terror hotties in the process. Sure, the thought of sewing together a friend from bits and pieces and spare parts is plenty creepy, and Bettis and Faries were just the duo to make it even creepier.

Better, this was just one part of a twenty-four hour movie marathon that I wish I’d known about sooner, but that adds yet another question to a growing concern of mine—what, precisely, is the deal with all these interesting Halloween events going on on NOT HALLOWEEN? Seems like even when the day hits on the weekend, as it does this year, all the big Halloween parties and costume contests and whatnot are set up for the previous weekend. I don’t know why that is, and I can’t even begin to speculate as it makes no sense.

Angela Bettis’ next movie

The name “Angela Bettis” may not carry a whole lot of weight with you, but you may be more familiar with her work than you realize. If you remember the movie May, about the psycho girl who builds herself a human friend out of a grotesque array of spare parts, or the Masters of Horror episode Sick Girl, then you remember Angela Bettis. And yes, she definitely qualifies as a horror hottie.

So what does she have waiting for us, you ask? Not too hard—a little production called “Wicked Lake”, slated for release in 2008. The movie itself is about a party of four co-eds off for a quiet weekend at the lake, while unbeknownst to them, two groups of horrible bloodthirsty monstrosities are waiting for them. And all this builds up to a raging climax at midnight when, apparently, all hell will break loose. Even an appearance from B-movie quasi-legend Tim Thomerson of Dollman fame will show up to spark up the proceedings.

And of course, this sounds like it could be a real donnybrook, especially if the girls end up fighting the two groups of monstrosities. Further operating as a plus is at least one horror hottie in the form of Angela Bettis.