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Advance Comparisons to Aliens Surround Terror Hottie-Packed Eden Log


Gabriella Wright is just a very small part of a surprisingly large terror hottie load coming to us from the Toronto International Film Festival showing of Eden Log, being described in glowing terms as a cross between Ils and Alien.

Now that’s got me all kinds of freaked out.  Apparently, Eden Log will feature a whole whopping load of tiny monsters chasing the last survivors of some kind of huge disaster around a post-apocalyptic landscape.  A story like that practically begs to be watched, and with terror hottie backup to spark things up, Eden Log looks to be a great one to watch.

Initial reports say that the only real downside to Eden Log is slow pacing, but from a movie that deals with monsters and post-apocalyptic living, slow pacing might well prove to be a valuable component.  After all, you’ve got to build tension when you’re in the midst of the end of the world, and slow pacing might be a good way to do that.  Regardless, I’m looking very muchly forward to catching Wright and company in Eden Log, whenever it finally manages to get off the festival circuit and hit me upside the head with sheer joy.