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Pontypool On The Air, But Not Without Some Static


More information about Toronto International Film Festival pieces comes rolling our way with an early report on Pontypool, which sounds fairly sweet, if not without some trouble.   It’s a Canadian film that introduces us to terror hotties Lisa Houle and Georgina Reilly, and it’s about a Canadian radio station in the small town of Pontypool, Ontario that one day receives a strange news report: a mob is attacking a local hospital.  Strange enough, until the radio station continues to report that the mob is eating people.

The mob is infected, crazy, and munching people, but what’ll kill you is the apparent cause of the virus—speaking English.  Yeah, speaking English!  Does that mean that other countries that speak English are also coming under infection?  What about the multilingual?  Most of the world speaks at least a little English these days—how much do you need to be infected?

This is all ridiculous, of course…but still thought provoking…it’s definitely got me looking forward to Pontypool, just to see for myself what all the fuss is about.