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Macarena Gomez Isn’t So Sexy In Sexykiller


So the initial word out of the Toronto International Film Festival is that Miguel Martí’s Sexykiller did not go over quite as planned.  This was, by all accounts, to be this year’s big monster horror classic, but instead apparently trotted out as a deeply edited version.

With a plotline like the one Sexykiller was carrying, it’s hard not to understand why.  Macarena Gomez—whose name practically invites dancing jokes from commentators—portrays a medical student who by day is just your normal college girl until the sun goes down.  When that happens, her lunatic side shows itself and the med student—Barbara by name—goes forth to crazy up the landscape and kill a whole mess of people.

The third act was reputed to contain zombies.

From initial reports, the problem was that the film promised great loads of sex and violence and then largely failed to deliver.  A chainsaw introduced at the end is used only to cut a shotgun in half, for example.  It’s true: chainsaws in horror flicks should be generally used to make human cole slaw, not to cut wood.  And a movie whose plotline revolves around “the insane adventures of a sexy med-student serial killer” probably SHOULD be strong on the sex and violence scale—that’s all it’s got going for it, after all.  It’s not out to tell a story or challenge the viewer; it’s just out to be over the top.  And if it doesn’t even take a run at the top it’s easy to see how audiences could be dismayed.