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Humans Make The Only Good Terror Hotties

 (Sara Forestier)

There’s a reason for that headline…seriously…seems the French have been working on yet another horror flick, this time called Humans.  Humans involves a group of researchers on their way to the Swiss Alps, where apparently, someone’s discovered something that will have interesting ramifications for the whole idea of human evolution.  The team then drives into a ditch on their way to the Alps and finds themselves fighting for their lives against a deadly whatsit living in the woods.

Now, based on previous French horror flicks, there’s a good chance that the ladies on the team–Sara Forestier, Élise Otzenberger, and / or Manon Tournier, I really don’t know who’s actually part of the research time—will be kept for breeding by the deadly whatsit whilst the men of the team will be killed and possibly eaten.

The French have a way of being unusually graphic in their horror filmmaking, and though I definitely applaud their way with the films d’epouvantes, I have to question if they’re not possibly taking things a bit too far.  Although I suppose that beats not taking it far enough as we’re regularly wont to do with a legion of PG-13 horror flicks that are barely worthy of the name.  Either way, it’ll be a while before we get to see it as it’s not even slated to drop in French theatres until April of 2009, so we won’t get it over here for a few months after if it even hits theatres at all.