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Vinyan Hits Shelves This April

(Emmanuelle Beart)

So Emmanuelle Beart’s newest cinematic foray, Vinyan, finally has a release date–we’ll be able to catch a look at this sucker April 7th.  It’s actually done pretty well for itself so far, being an official selection at both the Toronto International Film Festival and its equivalent in Venice, it’s actually won to look forward to.

Emmanuelle Beart plays a mother who’s recently lost her child in a tsunami, until she thinks she sees him in a film about orphans in Burma.  So she grabs her husband (Rufus Sewell) and goes forth to find him.  Along the way, they’ll find human traffickers and a gang of feral children along with who all knows what else.

Either way, this should be one to watch when it hits April 7th.

First Film Sold At TIFF Carries Good Terror Hottie Load

 Happy news for Fabrice Du Welz’s film Vinyan, which features terror hottie Emmanuelle Beart, as it’s the first film to be sold at the Toronto International Film Festival, a festival I’m STILL seething over not being able to make.  

Vinyan looks like it could be a real killer movie in the style of Ils, where Rufus Sewell joins terror hottie Beart to search a jungle full of feral children for their missing son.  Children can be some of the scariest things of all—ask any sexually active seventeen year old—and incorporating them into a horror flick can usually result in loads of creepy moments.  From The Omen all the way up to Joshua, sometimes, the scariest part of a movie is one six year old kid with a butcher knife and a bad attitude.  Putting a whole jungle of them in play, with plenty of hiding places and shadows and strange noises, just screams high-tension nightmare fuel.

I’m looking very much forward to Vinyan, though early reports suggest buyer Sony will likely limit the release—a practice I’m getting increasing irritated with—and then segue it rapidly onto DVD.