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Seeing Through The Black Out Helps When You Have Terror Hotties

 An interesting bit of news comes to me today in the form of upcoming film Black Out, optioned from the Lisa Unger novel.  Despite the lack of early word on casting information, I DO have a plot synopsis and that’s giving me enough to give you some fresh commentary.

The Unger novel centers on Annie Powers, Floridian wife and mother, whose happy life begins to develop serious problems.  How serious?  Well, her psychologist is suddenly murdered and there’s some kind of shadowy figure following her around that has some connection to her earlier life…which she’s apparently always had before throwing it over for the June Cleaver bit.  Now, Annie has to remember her past, piece it all together, and get past it all once and for all to save herself and her daughter.   

Apparently her husband will die early.  Or possibly he IS the shadowy figure, I don’t know yet.  But it sounds like it could be a real thriller, so I’m in a cautious optimism mode until we get a chance to actually see it.  Our chance to actually see it, sadly, may come about twenty minutes after hell freezes over because it’s going to the film festival circuit and THEN seek distribution.