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Good News and Bad News About Clock Tower Movie


The bad news is that they’ve ditched their old director, the one who studied under Guillermo Del Toro, for an as yet unnamed director who I seriously doubt can be much better.  Who?  Who could be better?  I mean, sure, if you got John Carpenter to come in and handle the Clock Tower movie I’d give you an understanding nod and send condolences to the old guy.  Seriously—that’s a good move but if they improve it I say go with it.  Mick Garris, George Romero…there’s plenty of other very solid horror directors, but we have no clue just yet who’s stepping in.

The good news is we’ll have a lot more eye candy to look at.  They’re bringing in Brittany Snow to serve as the main character / terror hottie for this run.

But even this is bittersweet good news—bringing in Brittany Snow, whose last appearance was the Prom Night remake, is a move that practically screams “YOUTH MARKET!” in big, loud, all-caps lettering.  This of course brings up the horrible possibility that Clock Tower, a frightening, visceral thriller, might well wind up converted to a sanitized PG-13 shriekfest for the kiddies.  And that’s the scariest cut of all.