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The Burrowers—Tremors With More Terror Hotties?


(Laura Leighton)

Hearing about J. T. Petty’s upcoming The Burrowers left me a little cold, because even after watching the clip, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d already seen it.

Several times.

Despite the fact that there were several terror hotties slated for involvement—Jocelyn Donahue and Laura Leighton sure qualify in my book, I couldn’t help sensing a connection.  See if this plot description sounds even vaguely familiar to you–when a group of ranchers soldiers off into the desert to rescue a family kidnapped by Native Americans, they run afoul of a horrifying new subspecies that likes the taste of people meat.

That’s the plot of The Burrowers, and if you’re muttering at your monitor, “So…when does Michael Gross show up?” you’re not alone. I too looked at the plot and the clip of The Burrowers and thought: wow…this is a giant Tremors knockoff.  Okay, sure, so the Graboids have been replaced with humanoid “Burrowers”, but just because you put a different shaped monster in the plot and dial down the humor doesn’t make it original.  I’m not sure why no one else is drawing the comparison—maybe after I get my hands on the full version I’ll be singing a different tune—but for right now I’m getting a serious visceral impression and I’m not liking it.