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Sarah Michelle Gellar Going Straight to Video

(Sarah Michelle Gellar)

So Sarah Michelle Gellar’s latest attempt at terror hottiedom has finally, FINALLY, got a release date attached to it–and here’s the kicker; it’s going direct to video.  Fox Home Entertainment made the announcement; look for it in video stores May 12th.

In case you’ve forgotten the plotline by now–and I can’t blame you–it’s about a woman whose husband and brother-in-law get into a pretty nasty car accident.  Both end up in comas, and the brother-in-law wakes up first.  Only problem is…he claims to be Sarah Michelle’s husband.  Freaky, I know–is it freaky enough to make a movie?  I’m skeptical.  But is it freaky enough for DVD?  Well, maybe.  Sure can’t be any worse than some of the dreck that wanders onto video store shelves. But either way, we’ll find out this May.

A Buffyless Alice


Sad news, folks—the (eventually) upcoming American McGee’s Alice movie will be staged apparently WITHOUT Sarah Michelle Gellar as Alice.

But the bad news doesn’t end there.  The story is being reworked, a scary development in its own right given that American McGee’s Alice already came with a perfectly serviceable story that was half the entertainment.  The original director was also thrown over for an as yet unnamed director, and even a new studio would be announced.

However, the upshot is that the original writers have been retained to handle the script rewrite, so we’re not looking at a complete loss.  Losing Gellar was bad enough, and original director Marcus Nispel may not have been the best move but was still competent to handle the job.  I’m not sure what direction they’re looking to go in from here but I confess to plenty of trepidation.  The delays are merely an unfortunate side effect of all the upheavals.