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The Audience Likely To Be The Tortured

(Erika Christensen)

You know, I didn’t much enjoy Death Sentence when it first came out, and to see that Twisted Pictures is going to basically try and recast it and try it again in the form of a movie called The Tortured doesn’t bode well, as far as I’m concerned.  The upshot, though, is they’ll be adding terror hottie Erika Christensen to the cast, and also including genre favorite Bill Moseley along for the ride.

Though it’s being directed by Rob Lieberman formerly of Fire in the Sky, there’s still a lot of predictability riding herd on this one based on analysis of the plot.  Basically, a young professional couple has their life turned upside down when their son is abducted by a murderer, and naturally, the justice system completely falls asleep at the wheel and forces the young professionals to go rogue to get their own brand of justice.

See what I mean?  Very much shades of Death Sentence, except this time the kid in question may not necessarily be dead.  This one may not be one to watch, with or without the sweet terror hottie addition.

Is It Called Tortured To Describe The Audience Too?


It likely won’t surprise you that Bill Moseley will soon be in a movie called Tortured, and it’s from the guys who drove Saw into the ground, Twisted Pictures.

Bill plays half of a middle class couple (the other half looks to be played by terror hottie Erika Christensen) whose son is kidnapped by a pedophile and killed. This of course leads the middle class couple to hunt up said pedophile, kidnap him and put him through plenty of the titular torture.

This is actually something of an unusual twist—I’ve been railing against casual brutality in film, but usually the brutality happens to unwary tourists or babysitters or random people off the street, but what happens when the casual brutality gets directed at a child-murdering pedophile? Someone who, at least more than the others, “deserves” their punishment? I get the feeling it’ll make me just as uncomfortable as it would any other time—no one really deserves half the stuff horror movies inflict on their targets—and I’ll spend half the movie telling myself that he has it coming, and the other half telling myself that no human being deserves that.

So basically, the scariest part of Tortured (assuming they don’t change the title before release—they’ve only just started shooting) is the philosophical quandary it lands the audience in: is it okay to do horrible things to horrible people, or do all people have certain basic rights, some of which include the right to NOT have your skin cut off slowly by grieving parents whose child you’ve just sodomized and killed?