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It Just Looks So Familiar Here


There’s a whole lot of people getting pretty excited about the next appearance of terror hottie Christin Sawyer Davis, a little film called Domain of the Damned that looks a whole lot like another recent release, but these similarities really aren’t stunting any of the excitement. Strange, especially given what Domain of the Damned looks similar TO.

Anyway, the movie’s about a roadside freak show operating out of a desolate part of Texas, operated by a lunatic and his collection of flunkies. The freak show, meanwhile, is hiding something particularly unpleasant in its newest wing, called Necrophobia: Museum of the Demented and the Damned.

With a mouthful of a title like that, you’d be expecting the lunatic et al to have something really interesting hiding there, either that or something cheesy as all hell. What it is, we don’t know yet, but it’ll definitely have plenty of blood and guts for all.

Of course, this is almost inch-for-inch the plot of Lions Gate crapfest Side Sho, and does anyone want to see another one of those? So I’m reserving judgment on this one until I lay hands on a copy, but I can’t say I’m all that eager to see it.