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The Apparition Gets Release Date

Exciting news for those of you who like Ashley Greene and Dark Castle: The Apparition finally has a launch date. And this sucker’s still looking pretty good by most any standards.

The Apparition follows a young couple who discover that they’ve been on the receiving end of a procedure that accidentally brought an evil entity into this world thanks to some college students engaged in an experiment. The entity feeds on fear, and as such, there will be plenty of that going around here. Will the couple survive their encounter with the fear munching monstrosity stalking them? Or will the entity destroy them all?

I love a good ghost story, and a good ghost story only gets better when properly laced with terror hotties. That makes this one a very nice piece of possibility indeed, and this one’s going to be a summer movie. This one looks to hit theaters August 24th, 2012, and frankly, I’m looking forward to this one.

More Cast News For Apparition

(Ashley Greene)

You already know that Apparition, one of the next big Dark Castle releases, is going to feature some great terror hottie names like Ashley Greene and Julianna Guill.

But what you don’t know is they’ve just tacked on Tom Fallon, the guy who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series.

Pretty big news, I know–but it just goes to prove that Apparition is still going and still going strong.? Plus, it gives us fresh opportunities for a couple of terror hotties to keep going.? And this is always good news no matter how you look at it.

In case you need a refresher, Apparition revolves around a young couple who find themselves being attacked by an entity that was unleashed during a college experiment.? It’s supposedly based on a true story, though how much of this is true and how much is graphic embellishment is, as always, a point of some debate.? We’ll get to see how the whole thing comes out fairly soon–production just started a couple weeks ago.

Ashley Greene Branches Out Past Twilight

(Ashley Greene)

So here’s some interesting news, folks–apparently, Ashley Greene is working on trying to land the starring role in the upcoming Dark Castle release of Apparition.

Apparition involves a young couple who’s being haunted by a presence of some type released during a college’s experimental process.  I know, sounds at least kind of familiar, doesn’t it?  Well, frankly, we needed something to distract from the flood of zombie films that were coming out for a while there and I guess it’s time for ghosts to get their time in the sun.  Ghosts and post-Apocalypse stuff; that’s getting to be everywhere too.

Anyway, there’s nothing confirmed yet, and you know we’ll be keeping an eye on it too, but for right now, they’re trying to get her on.  And you know they’ll probably pull it off, too, as Twilight name recognition is SO HUGE right now that any way you can connect to it in your marketing gives you an automatic memorability bonus.

Summer’s Moon Gets Release Date

(Ashley Greene)

Well, it’s finally happened–Twilight star Ashley Greene will finally be making her way to DVD horror with Summer’s Moon, due out November 10th.

Featuring the young Twilight star, Summer’s Moon is about a young woman out to find her father, whom she hasn’t seen in quite some time. She heads out across the country in a bid to find him, and runs afoul of the law in her travels.  A local handyman steps in, and Summer finds herself charmed…sufficiently so to spend the ngiht with him.  This was, of course, a bad idea and Summer now finds herself being held prisoner in his basement.  From there, it only gets worse.

The best part is, this release is specially timed to coincide with the release of New Moon, the newest imminent disaster in the Twilight Saga, New Moon.

Not exactly the best of circumstances, I know, and it’s got the reek of torture porn from about two months out.  Hopefully it’ll surpass its own limitations.

Summer’s Blood Looks Pretty Anemic From Here

(Ashley Greene)

Interesting move for Ashley Greene formerly of Twilight, as she continues her march on the terror hottie environs along with Barbara Niven in the upcoming Summer’s Blood.

Summer’s Blood features a family of serial killers as they stalk a young woman out to find a father she’s never known.  Is there a connection between her and her pursuers?  Will she join the family?  Or is something even stranger afoot?  Well, we’ll have to wait a bit to find out–first stills and one-sheets are only just now getting out, so you know they’re neck-deep in filming.

I’ve got to admit I’m not holding out terribly much hope for this one.  It sounds like a really shoddy aggregation of about half a dozen other titles I’ve already seen.  It’s like some kind of bad fusion version of The Hills Have Eyes and some slipshod direct to video stuff like Tamara.  Of course, it’ll be a while before I find out just how deep this particular rathole goes, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt until then.

Ashley Greene Is Summer’s Last Hurrah


It used to be Labor Day, but now, it’s Ashley Greene all the way that marks summer’s last hurrah. Halfway through shooting in Ottawa, so far it sounds like it’s going to be one of those standard “run through the woods and get killed by a lunatic with an axe / knife / weedwhacker / power saw / nail file / banana sort of movies”. IMDB definitely acknowledges its existence and puts it out for a 2009 release, which seems likely as Ashley Greene will be searching for the father that she never knew and, more than likely, runs afoul of maniacal whatsits in the woods.

This is fairly standard horror material, and there’s nothing wrong with uncrating an occasional relic as long as it’s done with some style or at least respect. Adding a terror hottie of note is also a plus sign in its favor. There’s also some hope for future development as only one primary cast member—Ashley Greene–has been announced.

So I think it’s safe to look forward to Summer, just as long as they don’t botch the execution too badly.