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Question: How Will Anyone Find You When You’ve Been Eaten?


Answer: Every answer I can think of is almost certainly unprintable.

It’s also the plotline behind upcoming Canadian winter horror film Scarce, which will hit Canadian video store shelves late September, with ostensibly an American release shortly thereafter.

Filmed during what I guess is the hardest winter Ontario had seen in thirty years (which means it probably wasn’t filmed recently or was a faked winter—I live next to Ontario and I’ll tell you the winter was NOT that bad) , Scarce puts three snowboarders trapped squarely in an isolated mountain cabin, during this horrible winter.

It’s safe to assume, especially from the tagline that I included above (no, seriously—that’s Scarce’s tagline right now!) , that by the end of the movie, someone’s going to get eaten. And with three terror hotties involved in this one—Amanda Ayers-Clements, Stephanie Banting and Olivia Bessel—the main course might be exclusively female, and that’s a doubly interesting idea.