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A Brand New Time of Terror

It’s a scary time of the day under normal circumstances—it’s been called the dead of night, when biorhythms are at their lowest. A phone call at that hour will fill its recipient with a cold dread. It’s also known as three in the morning, or three AM, and it’s scarier than you ever imagined, especially thanks to the movie of the same name.

Featuring terror hotties Suzy Sparacio and Cassie Prena, 3 AM brings us the story of a man who gets a regular visitor every night at three in the morning—a ghost. His friend remains skeptical until he gets his own paranormal experiences and lots of strange repeating coincidences all involving the number 3. Are these threes a warning from beyond…or a threat?

It’s already out in video stores, so run down and get a copy because, no matter how scary the time is, it’s always worth it for a little extra terror hottie.