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Looking Upward Is Contraindicated


(Carmen Chaplin)

Carmen Chaplin and Elena Satine come together to give us a shot of terror hottie from one of the strangest Asian directors out there—Fruit Chan. Called Don’t Look Up, and featuring some truly bizarre footage including Eli Roth wearing a mustache and badly overacting.

The plot itself, meanwhile, is actually vaguely familiar—an abandoned movie studio is the scene for the crumbling sanity of a director and his crew as evil spirits burst from the film stock and start haunting them into madness and, probably, murder.

Now, this does sound vaguely familiar, like I said—because the inaugural After Dark Horrorfest back in 2006 featured Reincarnation, a Takashi Shimizu film about a haunted horror / documentary film set. Sure, it’s not quite the same; Reincarnation dealt with a haunted hotel that became a film set while Don’t Look Up seems to deal with haunted film, but the concepts are at least within spitting distance. This is why I call it “familiar” rather than “ripoff” or “outright theft”.

Asian horror remakes don’t tend to do very well—oftentimes the subtlety that makes an Asian horror film spooky and atmospheric doesn’t translate well to American filmmaking style, but there’s always a possibility, and we’ll find out sometime in 2009 by earliest reports.


(Elena Satine)