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Get These Terror Hotties A Mint

Starting filming later this summer is Breath of Hate, a movie that’s got plenty of terror hottie goodness involved in it.  Featuring names like Elske McCain, Monique Parent, and Trista Robinson, Breath of Hate involves a professional escort who’s out for one last job…that just might be her last.  She ends up running into three escaped mental patients, for whom misogyny is both a way of life and an art form.  Naturally, this isn’t likely to end well for our professonal escort.  But will she survive the encounter, or will this really BE her last job?

Trista Robinson, along with Ricardo Gray, have recently been tapped to join the steadily growing cast.

I’m not all that convinced that this one’s going to be that good.  The plot alone suggests volumes of torture porn, and that kind of thing has always rubbed me the wrong way.  Maybe it’ll be better than I expect but at this stage I’m not holding out hope.

Blood Scarab—Doing Horrible Things To Terror Hotties


 On the set of “Blood Scarab”

You know, I was kind of surprised when I got a copy of Blood Scarab from exploitation film auteur Dan Golden, who was getting women to show up in various stages of undress for years in direct to video schlockfests long before I even started covering direct to video schlockfests. I had no idea the man’s career was still operational.  Of course, it helped that he’s brought on a director and writer to handle this one, but it’s still very much a Dan Golden kind of movie even IF the writer / director slots are currently taken up by somebody named Donald F. Glut.

Yes, Blood Scarab is all sorts of Dan Golden—vampire figure Countess Elizabeth Bathory, an increasingly popular figure in horror moviemaking, is out for a way to exist in the daylight, thus she makes a blood pact with an Egyptian goddess that requires three victims and a mummy.  All of which, of course, are near to hand.

Of course they are.  Anyone familiar with Dan Golden movies knows that the storyline is little more than an engine to get hot chicks we barely know out of their clothes.  I mean, for crying out loud, Bathory finds out about the Egyptian goddess thing in a book borrowed at the LOS ANGELES PUBLIC LIBRARY.  I had no idea the Dewey Decimal System covered Egyptian blood pacts.  I don’t know why they even bother with a plot any more—if their next movie isn’t “Tits, Tits, Tits and Blood” I will be just all kinds of amazed.

Yes, Golden and company have really made a movie for the ages!

Monique Parent in Blood Scarab

As soon as we heard these two words, there was no doubt that this movie had to be featured in Terror Hotties. Blood Scarab is a story of two infamous women: Countess Elizabeth Bathory, THE lesbian vampire and the Mummy of Hor-Shep-Sut, an Egyptian sorceress. With Dracula’s death, the Countess attempts to find a way to survive in the daylight. After seducing a few hot women to be her victims, she finds out that the Mummy is the only key to her survival.

The very hot Monique Parent stars as Countess Elizabeth. This terror hottie is no stranger to the limelight either. She’s had more than a few movies under her belt. Go check out Wicked Temptations, Heartless, LA Confidential, James Dean, just to name a few. This ubiquitous actress also starred in TV shows, commercials, and plays. Basically, if you think of it, Monique has probably done it (in more ways than one!). And if you haven’t figured it out, this hottie is a legend in the softcore industry. If you want to see more of her (and believe me you do), check out Blood Scarab and her other movies.