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Linda Hamilton Set To Return For More Terminator?

Given that the rights to the Terminator franchise were recently sold off, it’s not really a surprise to hear that a Terminator 5 is set to emerge. Seriously, why buy it if you’re not going to use it? So it’s only something of a surprise to hear that the current word is revolving around the reappearance of Linda Hamilton.

Naturally this is all still very early stage stuff as yet, so no one’s a hundred percent sure if this will happen, and if it does, in what fashion and part of what plotline it will be involved is all up in the air. But considering the nature of the Terminator series–packed to the gills with time travel–just about anything can happen here.

Personally, I’d like to see it. There’s so many worthwhile possibilities to explore here that not going this route is almost a crime. There’s no word, of course, on release dates here either, so keep it right here for all the latest as soon as it becomes available.

It’s Official–Linda Hamilton Offered Terminator Salvation

That’s right, folks; seems McG and crew have actually approached Linda Hamilton and made some offers to get her back in the next film.

The word suggests that the offer is in the form of a voice-over narration recapping the first three movies to bring everybody up to speed in short order before Terminator: Salvation kicks off in earnest.  Has she accepted yet?  No, not yet–by all accounts she’s waiting to see how everything pans out before signing on, though I can’t imagine she’d turn down a slice of that particular pie.

Sure, anything’s possible, especially this early on.  It’s technically possible that Christian Bale could fall off the looney train again and set the building on fire along with the poor bastard who walked through his eyeline.  But still–a little extra touch of authenticity sure can’t hurt Terminator: Salvation, and it definitely could help.

Terminator About To Wrap It Up–With Sarah Connor??

Now here’s an interesting chunk of news, folks…apparently there’s an outside chance that Linda Hamilton will manage to make it back into Terminator: Salvation in some form as Sarah Connor.

And even better, there’s actually some plot-related news coming out that says Terminator will no longer be an open-ended cash cow of Terminator time-travel, but rather will close, completely, at the end of Terminator Six.

Yes, there will be a Terminator Six.  Terminator Four, or Terminator: Salvation for everyone who doesn’t want to be reminded that this is, indeed, a franchise, is merely the start of a final trilogy of films that will all come together to close the series out.

I have no news on plot that far out as I doubt it’s even been written, but my guess is that at some point, to use the colloquial, Skynet gonna get blowed up.  There’s really no other option, now is there?  Sure, there’s an array of possibilities as to the how, especially with all the temporal manipulation we’ve got going on (the space-time continuum of the Terminator universe has more holes than a block of Swiss cheese in a hobo’s pants in a groundhog village. Which is to say a LOT.), but they’re going to have to do something about this lunatic computer that won’t stop until it or humanity is destroyed, and I kind of doubt they’re going to go out on humanity getting wiped out.

Is Sarah Connor Coming Back To Terminator Salvation?

Linda Hamilton it seems has a secret cameo in the upcoming terminator movie. She has signed a three picture deal with the studio to reprise her role as Sarah Conner in Terminator Salvation and two planned sequels to the film. She will appear in flash back sequences and help flesh out the character of John Conner more. There is some funny business on this one though since is reporting that although they have spoken to Warner Brothers and have confirmed the ‘deal’ Linda Hamiltons People have no idea about it.

They are saying Linda would love to come back but the deal is news to them. I think its a great idea myself and just adds more depth to the film and also adds more attraction for those of us who are fans of the first two films. I found it funny Lindas only a fan of the first two films… she conveniently didnt mention the third one which is a love hate movie for many of us.

We’re all pretty well aware that Linda Hamilton has been dying to get back in Terminator pretty much ever since she didn’t make it to T3: Rise of the Machines.  Well, advance word is that she may well get her way as she’ll be appearing in flashback sequences and a few cameos in Terminator: Salvation.

Word is that she’s signed a three-picture deal to make the cameos and the flashback sequences, but that word doesn’t seem to be reciprocated by Linda Hamilton’s own people.  In a strange move, Warner Brothers is confirming the deal, but Linda Hamilton’s people say the deal is news to them.  I have absolutely no clue what’s driving that—it’s not like the FOURTH TERMINATOR MOVIE needs more press, especially at this stage of the game.  Everybody and his mother’s going to be talking about this one for weeks after it comes out, so there’s definitely no rush…why the early impetus?

Terminator: Salvation is still shooting, so no word on release dates.