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Island of Lost Souls Helmed by Terror Hottie

One of the highest grossing movies in Denmark last year was a movie with the mouthful of a title called De fortabte sjaeles o, and that’s already pretty interesting.  I know you can’t tell from that title, but it was, as it turns out, a horror flick.  Easy enough to tell from the plot synopsis—a suburban teen runs afoul of the battle of good and evil when her young brother is possessed by an 18th century magician who happens to be one of the good guys.

Terror hottie Jennifer O’ Kieffe has been brought in to write the American remake of the film, slated to be titled Island of Lost Souls.  I’ve got to admit, this sounds like it could be interesting, especially given the fact that it was one of Denmark’s biggest grosser of 2007, and was apparently just laden with special effects.  Can’t tell you too much about it as I’m stateside and don’t speak Danish, but by the sounds of it, it could be a remake that’ll be a big deal here.

Can European horror do well in the States?  Not too unlikely—remember that High Tension was Haute Tension in France before it became High Tension in the States.  It might be a little kiddie for domestic audiences, but considering that Strike Entertainment (of Dawn of the Dead remake fame) will produce, they might ratchet things up a bit.