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Look Behind You.

(Hilary Kennedy)

I hope you just looked over your shoulder just now.  I’d hate to waste a perfectly good joke.

But anyway, Look Behind You has just made its entrance into our video stores, bringing along with it a slew of terror hotties like Hilary Kennedy and Gwendolynn Murphy.

And what a plot they’re in on, too: Two friends have been enjoying regular evenings out when one night they wake up locked in a dark room with their husbands handcuffed to operating tables without explanation of any sort.  And as the hubbies come around from their anesthetic doze, both they and their wives attempt to figure out how to get out of the room they find themselves in, and do it before they’re killed by something in the room with them.  Just what it is, they’re not sure…but they know it doesn’t like them.  But is it real…or just an aftereffect of the unknown surgery they just endured?

Creepy, I know—shades of Shadow Walkers, that’s for sure.  This is a highly original idea that’s definitely got my attention, but the question of the day will remain, can they pull it off?  Go get your hands on one—it should be out by the time you finish this—and let’s all get a good look.