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Japanese Misandry Murder Spree!

From misogyny with Side Sho to misandry with Madame O, the 1967 Japanese film gets a fresh paintjob complete with terror hottie Michiko Aoyama.

Seiko, a pretty young sixteen year old girl, is attacked by three men who leave her mentally scarred, pregnant, and syphilitic all in one go.  Recovering amazingly, Seiko is now a respected doctor in Japan who by day obeys her Hippocratic oath, but by night, leaves it with her medical bag as she goes out for revenge against all men by offering them sexual favors and then destroying the men who take them.

Despite all logic and established plot, Seiko falls in love and marries, settling down and discovering that life’s actually better when you’re not on nightly killing sprees, but Seiko’s husband just might have a few secrets all his own.

Naturally, this is all in a day’s work for Japanese filmmaking, which is ninety percent of the time sheer lunacy.  It’ll be out on video sooner than we think, if it isn’t already by the time you read this.