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Corey Feldman Manages To Come Back For Work


(Autumn Reeser)

At your local video stores, we get a blast from the past updated for the modern day with Lost Boys: The Tribe.

And this time, we have a brother and sister moving in with their eccentric aunt following the loss of their parents in a tragic car accident.  The sister, unwittingly, falls for a local vampire and becomes one herself, but before she can change all the way, her brother goes forth to destroy the vampire clan and thus cancel the curse on his sister.  He’ll get some help from an unlikely—or perhaps, all too likely—source.

Of course we have plenty of terror hottie action in the personage of Autumn Reeser playing the sister, but what’s really got everyone stoked is the return of has-been Corey Feldman reprising his role as Edgar Frog.

Nothing like a burst of retro in with your terror hottie joy.