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There’s a Naked Chick on the Box. What More Can You Want?

Ann and Vicki Michelle come together to bring us Virgin Witch, a terror hottie laced package about the dangers of modeling.

You’d never think that modeling could be such a dangerous profession, but eating disorders and dealing with Tyra Banks aside, but in Virgin Witch, we see just how dangerous it can be.  Christine and her sister Betty go to a castle for a weekend of photo shootings when they find that their agent, Sybil Waite, isn’t just an agent at all, but rather a recruiter looking for a virgin to induct into their coven.  Oddly enough, Christine is happy for the opportunity but then stages a secret coup to take control of the coven herself.

Now, if you were moaning and rolling your eyes at the castle part, I wouldn’t blame you one bit.  That’s a cliché of massive and legendary proportions.  But your tune likely changed when you got to that bit about Christine being interested.  That’s a new twist, and one that has me a little interested in seeing Virgin Witch.