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There’s Something Very Wrong With The French

A re-release of an old French horror movie makes me wonder what’s going on with those guys.  Packed with terror hotties like Annie Belle and Nathalie Perrey, there’s definitely more than enough here in the release Lips of Blood to keep us interested.  The plot, meanwhile, is something else again.  Basically, a young man keeps having hallucinations about a castle and a possible ghost lady in white, and these hallucinations lead him to a cemetery full of female vampires.  I’ll spare the inevitable pun about how badly that would suck.

The French, lately, have been launching off on a string of horror movies packed to the gunnels with gore and squeamishness-inducing events.  Remember Haute Tension?  Or perhaps the movie where the woman was trying to cut out another woman’s fetus?  Maybe you’ve even heard of Frontiere (s), the ninth movie in the Eight Films To Die For List, the movie so unpleasant the After Dark Horrorfest wouldn’t take it on.

For the last several years, the French have been large-scale exporters of some of the most gruesome and bloodsoaked horror known to man, and I’m not sure where they got chops like these.  But at least they’re packing in the terror hotties, so I’m not inclined to complain too loudly.