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Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. No, Seriously.

(Linnea Quigley)

It’s a great day when I can say the phrase “Hollywood chainsaw hookers” without looking like a total loon, so expect me to ride that particular pony into oblivion and beyond.  Especially now that I can tell you the…classic…Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is being released on DVD for its twentieth anniversary.

Yep, nothing’s more guaranteed to make you feel old than to tell you that some Fred Olen Ray slop from 1988 is celebrating its twentieth anniversary.  The plot is even better—basically, some private eye goes tracking down a girl who ran away from home, and while looking for her, he comes across the titular hookers who like to take chainsaws to people in Hollywood for their cult.  Yes, of course there’s a cult involved.

With scream queens Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer involved, you know there’s plenty of good old fashioned terror hottie joy to be had here, and in a movie from Fred Olen Ray, you know blood and sex will be the order of the day.