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Alexander Conquered—Punisher: WarZone Dumps Lexi?

There’s trouble on the Punisher: WarZone front, folks, and it seems like our terror hottie and director Lexi Alexander got both barrels of it.  Seems she’s been fired for reasons that won’t be disclosed any time soon, especially as she’s still under the force of a non-disclosure agreement.

The biggest reason appears to be because Lions Gate, as part of a series of schizophrenic maneuvers related to its theatrical properties, has heavily modified Punisher: WarZone.  It’s now marketed to the “hard core” market segment—so much so that even the film’s composer has been overthrown for loud thrash-metal.  Lexi Alexander’s blog is also empty, and this doesn’t bode well for the entire proceedings.

This is actually all par for the course for Lions Gate lately, and I’m not sure I like where it’s going.  Ever since their announcement that DVD has been doing consistently better than theatrical releases it’s like they’re trying to sabotage their theatrical arm.  There’s this business on Punisher: WarZone, there’s the recent dumping of Midnight Meat Train into dollar-movie theatres only, the marginalization of Repo! The Genetic Opera and of course there’s the musical directors being played on the Saw franchise.

I don’t know what Lions Gate is up to, but man, would I love to find out.