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Robin Sydney—Huge New Face?

An interesting new terror hottie, recently brought to my attention via the boys at, is Robin Sydney.  While I had already seen one of her performances in the oft-maligned, and not just by me, Gingerdead Man, I wasn’t aware of several other performances of hers that show her to be advancing steadily down the road of terror hottiedom and possibly all the way into the exalted ranks of the scream queen.  She recently showed up in The Lost, the adaptation of the Jack Ketchum book of the same name, and also will be in the upcoming Wicked Lake.

This set of performances does somewhat typecast Robin Sydney as a perennial victim of serial killers, but hopefully these early portfolio-building roles will be a way to get her into various other ventures, like possibly handling the axe herself, or giving her more aggressive roles where she needs to fight the killer to a standstill.  Either way, she’s definitely a terror hottie to be reckoned with, and if allowed to reach her fullest potential I’m certain she’ll provide plenty of terror hottie joy for years to come.