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Saw VI DVD has Alternate Ending With Amanda??

(Shawnee Smith)

Now here’s an out of nowhere shocker for you, folks–apparently it’s making the rounds on YouTube, so you can see it well ahead of the release, but there’s an alternate ending to Saw VI and it shows up just after the end credits, and it heavily features Shawnee Smith.

I can go ahead and describe it here because you can go see for yourself, but just by way of introduction it features Amanda looking in on Corbett, the little girl who served as a hostage to ensure cooperation throughout Saw III.  Amanda then leans in, and gasps through the keyhole, “don’t trust the one who saves you”.

And we all remember who saved Corbett, right?  Right.

As if Saw VII weren’t going to be freaky enough as it was, along comes THIS little doozy to blow everyone’s mind wide open.  I admit, that after I saw Saw IV, I was pretty convinced this whole series was ruined, but V and VI changed my mind.  I think we may be in for a pretty interesting ride as the series finally starts to wind down.

Saw VII Release Date Set

All right, folks, brace yourselves–the newest installment of the Saw franchise, which has given us plenty of terror hotties like Dina Meyer, Monica Potter and, yes, Shawnee Smith (my eyes still roll when I say that) has officially announced its release date, and yes, it will still be at least roughly Halloween.  The date in question is October 22, 2010.

I have to admit that I’m looking forward to this one.  For the first time in recent memory, the series has actually improved the farther out it goes.  Naturally, we don’t know much of anything about Saw VII yet, Saw VI still being played in theaters and all, but we can make some pretty clear guesses based on that fistfight of an ending.

I won’t spoiler on the off chance you haven’t seen it yet, but suffice it to say that Jill Tuck better sleep with one eye open for the rest of her natural life.

We’ll get to see the fully 3-D Saw installment this October.

VH1 Scream Queens Week in Review One: Delusional Ravings and Shawnee Smith

After just the first ten minutes of Scream Queens, you know somebody’s clearly bullshitting someone here, and it’s not the poor dumb bitches who showed up to compete. No, they’re the ones who are getting the full line, hook line, and sinker as Shawnee manages to clearly convince at least a couple of them that a role in Saw VI is going to be the chance of a lifetime rather than a career-destroying catastrophe.

Seriously, watching these poor dumb schmucks line up to give Lions Gate eight weeks of free exposure is enough to make even the most cynical sad. Somewhere Ken Lay is rolling over in his grave as he sees that there’s a sucker born every minute and two to take him as eight actresses line up to buy Enron stock post-1999—err…I mean take a part in a movie series already clearly past its prime.

The crowning glory was when one of the victims said that “Saw VI has such a huge cult following”. No, Saw III had a huge cult following. Saw IV made a joke out of a huge cult following. Chances are, Saw V will be the ship taking on water. You’re running on board a sinking ship to plunder the scraps of scraps of treasure that haven’t already been grabbed by every other rat who ran off that ship two movies ago.

But then, I’m writing about it, so that doesn’t make me much more ethical. I’ll find that I’ll live, though.

VH1 Knows Precisely Dick About Scream Queens


So I finally got a hold of the list of judges for the upcoming VH1 train wreck Scream Queens, and man…VH1 has just plain old lost it.

First of course is James Gunn, upcoming director of and soon to be scapegoat for Saw 6. You have to wonder who would actually sign on to be captain of the sinking ship that is the Saw franchise, and how long it will be before the Society of Mental Illness in America makes him their new poster boy.  All this wondering is immediately dispelled when you look at his IMDB profile which includes a great picture of him grinning like a psychopathic moron and you remember that he wrote both Scooby-Doo and the Dawn of the Dead remake.

Next is John Homa, whose career consists of almost nothing, including one episode of Doctor Doctor and one of Sledge Hammer back in the eighties.  This extensive filmography somehow qualifies him to be the exclusive acting coach to General Hospital, which I guess just goes to prove that those who can’t, teach.

Lastly of course is relatively newfound terror hottie, and the closest thing VH1 could get to a REAL scream queen, Shawnee Smith.  You’ll of course remember Shawnee Smith as the poster girl for Stockholm Syndrome, Amanda, from the various Saw titles who killed herself off in spectacular fashion back at the end of Saw 3 yet managed to still show up for Saw 4 due to the flashback-intensive nature of the film.

All of this is, of course, a total crock and none of these idiots would know a scream queen from their own ass in the dark with both hands, a flashlight, and a twenty minute head start.  Was Linnea Quigley busy?  Tiffany Shepis?  Jamie Lee Curtis, perhaps the first true scream queen?  But no—we can’t have any of these because VH1 is trying so damn hard to be relevant that it’s lost sight of its true goal—to find the next scream queen.