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Let’s Do The Time Warp Yet Again!

You have to know by now that I hear a lot of disturbing rumors almost on a daily basis.  And some of them are absolutely beyond belief up until the very second they become reality.  Perhaps the most horrifying rumor passed my way was that there was a remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show coming out.  This by itself, of course, is no great terror until you consider whose name has been mentioned to star…and by extension, become a terror hottie.


No, seriously!  You can all stop screaming, because this is just a really, REALLY advance rumor.  In fact, there’s a fair chance she may never be involved with this at all.  But still, the fact that MTV Films is going to be behind it, and that one of the producers is hoping to have it in theatres by Halloween 2009, the rumor takes on a distressing new life all its own.