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Everyone Who Wanted To See Paris Hilton Get Killed Again, Bad News

(Paris Hilton)

Seriously, guys—this’ll kill you.  If you loved watching Paris Hilton take a pipe to the eye in the first House of Wax remake, well, sad to say you won’t be getting another chance to see it.  Director Jaume Collet-Serra, recently talking about his upcoming film Orphan, made it pretty clear that he had absolutely no knowledge of a sequel in the works, and would be well-placed to know if there were one.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t one.  Despite Dark Castle’s protestations that they never ever ever do sequels, we all have to remember a little thing called Return to the House on Haunted Hill.  Yes, it was a direct to video sequel, but it was a sequel nonetheless.  So the next time the Castle bunch gets on its high horse and swears on their children’s lives that there are NO SEQUELS EVER from them, you can deflate their egos nicely just by bringing that up.

However, the key takeaway remains…chances of more House of Wax are pretty slim indeed.

Paris Hilton Off to DVD Again in January

Have I mentioned how much I love—LOVE!—having Paris Hilton as a terror hottie?  She’s thousands of news stories every day, and here’s some interesting news involving her and horror movies.  You know that movie that Darren Bousman’s pretty much counting on to establish the fact that he can direct something—anything!—but lousy Saw sequels?  That movie called “Repo! The Genetic Opera”?  Yeah…it’s going nowhere.  And fast.  It’s going to be out on video in January, only about two months after its supposed theatrical release in November.

Let’s face it—almost no one’s going to see this, because Lions Gate doesn’t want to take a huge amount of chances on something that might only be marginal at best.  This is going to go just about straight to video and, good OR bad, everyone’s going to hold it up and say “indie don’t work” because it’s being hobbled right out of the gate.  Not that I’m looking for Repo! The Genetic Opera to be anything less than a bizarre slop of contradictory elements battling it out for supremacy like Big Rubbery Monsters in Japanese film frequently duke it out over Tokyo.  But still, you’ve got to admit, Bousman is TRYING SOMETHING NEW, and in this day and age of horror filmmaking, that’s a huge step in the right direction.