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Joe Dante Manages To Make Big Hole In Basement Scary

(Haley Bennett)

Joe Dante, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the truly few people in existence who can properly be called a Master of Horror. And when he makes a movie, and brings along a couple of terror hotties in the form of Haley Bennett and new to the horror markets Teri Polo, you know you have to stand up and take notice.

And what Joe Dante’s bringing us this time is called The Hole, involving a mother who movies her teenage sons to a house in the country and find that it’s got a little something extra—a bottomless hole in the basement.

Why this is scary is beyond me—I’d buy a house with a bottomless hole in the basement because it would be the absolute KING of garbage disposals. It’d be a garbage disposal, septic tank AND side business all at once! Imagine the landfill operators who’d line up three deep to drop their trash in my basement!

But okay, one thing’s clear—if anyone can make a big hole in the basement scary, it’s the same guy who managed to make Christmas scary: the one and only Joe Dante.

Molly Hartley Is One Spooky Chick

(Haley Bennett)

The Haunting of Molly Hartley, featuring an absolute litany of freshly-minted terror hotties—not the least of which is Music and Lyrics’ Haley Bennett, not to mention Shannon Marie Woodward of The Riches—looks to open on Actual Halloween, which by a feat of calendar sleight-of-hand will be a Friday this year.  It will also open a week after Saw V, for some strange reason.  But anyway—on to the plot synopsis! Quoth the IMDB:

“Molly (Haley Bennett) is a seventeen-year-old girl who recently moved to a new town for a fresh start after her mother’s terrifying psychotic break. While struggling to find her place amongst the cliques at her new private school, she becomes haunted by disturbing visions and voices that expose a dark secret from her past. Can she separate fact from fiction before it’s too late?”

This sounds like it should be at least fairly sweet in sort of a Psycho / Mean Girls hybrid kind of way, and putting chocolate and peanut butter together like that is downright exciting.  Looking forward to Halloween this year!