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The Bitch Is Back in Bitch-Slap

Tell me you’re not at least somewhat interested in a movie that calls itself Bitch Slap.

See, I can’t imagine how you wouldn’t be, especially with plenty of terror hottie joy involved with both Grindhouse diva Zoe Bell and Xena’s Lucy Lawless.  And when you hear the plotline you should be even more interested.

Check this sucker out—basically, it’s three “bad” girls (a stripper, a drug runner and a corporate power broker, proving that in a post-Barbie era women can be absolutely anything they want to be) who go forth to extort large sums of loot from an underworld kingpin.  But several other criminals have the same idea, and as everyone’s out to get their hands on that loot, allegiances will change, truths will be revealed, and eventually, one character may be revealed to not even be human.

Yeah, I’m royally freaked out at this point and you definitely should be too. While this sounds like a Quentin Tarantino-esque Pulp Fiction-y plot the like of which you’ve never heard before, there’s definitely a lot of potential involved in this.  And I’m definitely looking forward to catching it when it comes out January 15th!