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It’s No La-z-boy

(Polly Brown)

So Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is looking to bolster its falling box office returns, and it’s apparently looking to do that with some extra push in the direct to video department, laying claim to Adam Mason’s film The Devil’s Chair featuring terror hottie Polly Brown.

Slated for release September 30th,  The Devil’s Chair plans to put sweet Polly and her boyfriend out on a drug-laden good time that’s just as hedonistically excessive as anything the eighties ever brought us.  They find an abandoned asylum and, drugged out of their gourds and apparently unable to realize that this is a really, really old cliché, go in and have a look.  What they find inside is a combination electric chair and sadistic fetish machine that will, somehow, make our druggie duo’s lives a living hell.

Which is, of course, the kind of thing that’s been done unto death for years upon since right now, so look for more of the same from Sony in about two months.