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Lightning Crashes…A Ghost Hunter Dies

Now, sometimes, I hear about some movies that go under even my extensive radar of direct to video filmmaking, and sometimes they even come with some terrific terror hottie action.  This one is no different–it’s called Death of a Ghost Hunter, and it’ll feature terror hotties like Patti Tindall and Davina Joy.

The plot looks fairly straightforward—a ghost hunter named Carter Simms was offered five thousand dollars to conduct a three-day investigation of the Masterson House, where twenty years prior, a minister and his family were murdered.  Simms takes the offer and goes forth to prove (or disprove) the tale of the Masterson House, and what follows in Death of a Ghost Hunter is the events of those days and nights.

I’ve bumped this one up to the top of my Netflix queue, folks—it’s already been released–so I’ll be able to get you some news on it one way or the other.