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It’s Official! Night of the Demons Has A Release Date!

(Shannon Elizabeth)

Whilst combing the IMDB for the news on all my favorite terror hotties, I dug up this little number.  It seems that the positively terror hottie laden production of Night of the Demons has reached post-production and is now on track to hit at least limited theatres this October.  Specifically, October 9th.

Featuring Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena, Bobbi Sue Luther, and once again Tiffany Shepis, as well as the classic terror hottie Linnea Quigley, the remake looks to be at least comparable in plot to the original, with a group of kids off for a Halloween party that ends up wildly out of control when the denizens of hell itself decide to crash the party.

Well, here’s to October 9th, and hopefully, here’s to living near one of the limited release markets it shows up in!

Night of the Demons Remake Shaping Up Well

(Shannon Elizabeth)

Initial photos have begun to trickle down to us waiting for the terror hottie laden remake of Night of the Demons, featuring among others Shannon Elizabeth. This isn’t a surprise that we’re only starting to get first images now, being as principal photography only just started back on the third of October.

Even better news, the remake appears to be at least relatively faithful to the original—maybe not shot-for-shot faithful, but it’s going to be fairly close by the look of it. Sure, my own memory of the original Night of the Demons is a bit on the hazy side but I remember enough to make the whole thing sound familiar. In these days of total teardown-style remakes, it’s cause for celebration if the remake at least sounds familiar.
And with a load of terror hotties backing the play on this one, we should be in good shape with this one, making me very interested in catching it when it finally comes out.

Night of the Demons Only Getting Hotter

(Shannon Elizabeth)

There’s no two ways to put it, kids—the Night of the Demons remake is ramping up and it will raise the blood pressures of terror hottie fans across the planet.  Recent announcements in the cast list show two major new joins to the cast list—namely, Shannon Elizabeth and Monica Keena.

Now, we all know Shannon Elizabeth.  And Monica Keena is commonly known as the “cleavage chick of horror”, so one thing is abundantly clear—no matter what other news comes to light in the next several days, Night of the Demons is going to be absolutely laden with terror hotties.

Though I do find myself skeptical—Monica Keena’s horror chops are at least acknowledgeable—Freddy Vs. Jason may not have been much of a horror flick but it certainly was one.  Meanwhile, I’m hard pressed to remember a single horror flick Shannon Elizabeth was even in.  And so was the IMDB until it gave up just two: Thirteen Ghosts and Cursed.  That’s it.  No wonder I couldn’t remember anything she was in—she spent Thirteen Ghosts screaming and occasionally getting her top ripped off by the Jackal (the sign of Hell’s winter, they relentlessly added for some reason) and was involved in quite possibly Wes Craven’s low water mark, which considering his career is just amazing that we can pick one.  Without the addition of someone with some real horror movie cred, this does not bode well for the Night of the Demons remake.

(Monica Keena)