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The Number 23 Adds Up On Blu-Ray

(Rhona Mitra)

October is always a big month for horror movies–I’ve often said that Halloween is the horror film industry’s Christmas–and the news of releases emerges fast and furious with the news that The Number 23 will be hitting Blu-Ray on October 16th.

Featuring appearances by terror hotties Virginia Madsen, Lynn Collins, and Rhona Mitra, The Number 23 features Jim Carrey as a man who believes he’s discovered a novel that was actually written about him.  As his obsession with the book steadily mounts, he discovers that more and more similarities come to light.  But what will the end of the book bring?

In all honesty, I never thought this movie was anywhere near as bad as people were giving it credit for.  Sure, it wasn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t laughably bad, either.  I’ve seen some really lousy stuff in my day and this is far from the worst on the list.  So if you’re up for a little something different, just remember to mark your calendars for this October!

DoomsDay Closer Than Anyone Guessed

And so, we are treated to the DVD version of DoomsDay, the latest round of survival horror cinema, complete with terror hotties.

Featuring Rhona Mitra, who actually reminds several people of the inimitable Lara Croft, DoomsDay features the Reaper Virus, a virus so powerful it’s killed most of Great Britain.  The last survivors, led by the government, move away from the infected area and then set to building an enormous wall around the infected area.  Thirty years later, the wall is still up and the Reaper Virus is back in action, and a crack team of operatives is sent in to see about a cure.

Which frankly looks pretty good—okay, granted, I haven’t seen it yet myself (keep meaning to but it always seemed like there was something better out there), but watching a movie that looks like a combination of 28 Days Later and Max Max sounds like a real Reese’s Peanut Butter sort of setup.  And I’ll definitely be looking forward to it when it drops to video store shelves in just a matter of days.