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Where’s The Anything For Case 39?

Here’s a little bit of a shocker for you, folks–Case 39 is going to be one of the movies that kicks off the new year on January first, and by all indications, it will be the best horror movie of 2010…at least, until the NEXT one happens.

Starring Renee Zellweger, who’s had a pretty limited run as far as horror filmmaking goes, the movie revolves around her engaged in a child welfare case in which she saves an abused ten year old girl from her parents.  But the real story behind the whole mess goes a whole lot deeper than anyone expected.

The shocker to this, meanwhile, is that virtually NO interesting images have come out around this one.  Admittedly, interesting is a subjective term but so far I haven’t seen any.  Is Paramount just playing it that close to the vest?  Or does Paramount just have nothing to show?  We’ll find out in a few weeks.

Case 39 Gets Release Date

The long-delayed and in some cases long awaited Case 39, featuring Renee Zellweger as a truly unlikely terror hottie, has finally got a release date, and you won’t believe where they’re sticking this one–New Years Day, 2010.

Seems that the first day of the year is also the first Friday of the year, so it’s not really that out of line that a movie might be released that day.  But still–January is generally regarded as the lousiest month EVER for theatrical releases, almost like the month that movies the studio’s FORCED to release in theatres gets released.  They don’t call it the January Curse because they hate the cold in California.

But hey–at least they’ll be able to get some critic to say that it’s the scariest movie he’s seen all year without having to mail Harry Knowles a basket of Snickers bars!

Case 39 Looks to Do Little For Flagging Zellweger

Just when you thought Renee Zellweger’s career was totally shot, along comes a movie like Case 39…and really doesn’t look like it’ll help much.

You have to wonder if she can possibly sink any lower after the sad sorry mess that was the entire concept of Bridget Jones and her ridiculous diary, but Case 39 looks like it might just tear the bottom off the barrel and start digging.

Basically, it’s all about a social worker who meets a troubled ten year old girl named—and tell me this isn’t the LAZIEST dose of foreshadowing you ever saw—Lilith.  Our social worker, Emily, thinks the worst about Lilith (one of the first witches in some mythologies), and has all her suspicions proven when Lilith’s parents try to kill her.  Emily rescues Lilith and takes her home with her until the right foster family comes along, and this will be where we find out WHY Lilith’s parents tried to prematurely relocate her spooky ass to the great beyond.

And to make matters worse, we’ll have to wait until April to find out just how bad this sort of thing can get.  I’m already suitably unnerved.