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The Hike Hits UK Shelves, Coming Later Elsewhere

Plenty of great terror hotties will land in the upcoming release of The Hike, which has recently hit shelves over in the UK, and will hopefully be making a wider release soon.

Featuring Shauna Macdonald from The Descent, Barbara Nedeljakova from Hostel, and a variety of others besides, The Hike follows a group of young women who’ve set off on a camping trip, and you can probably figure out how that’s going to go from there. That’s right, it’s going to go terribly wrong.

Okay, so this one isn’t really long on originality. It will make up for this lack with plenty of terror hotties, and in the grand scheme of things, well, we could do worse. Besides, there’s a fair chance that this will be executed well, and good execution of an unoriginal movie adds up to at least reasonably good, so here’s hoping the rest of the world can check this out directly.

Shauna McDonald Brings The Descent Back For More

(Shauna McDonald)

The Crawlers are back for more in the upcoming release of The Descent Part 2, featuring Shauna McDonald as just one of the terror hotties involved.

For those of you who may need a little background, the original Descent sent us squarely into the heart of a cave system where five friends went exploring.  It didn’t end so well for most of them, and for the lone survivor, it left her scarred in a number of ways.  When the authorities want some kind of explanation for her missing friends, she’s forced to plunge back into the horrible depths of that cave, only to discover, as the rescue party goes deeper in than ever, that a whole new variety of Crawlers awaits…and they’re more dangerous than anything we’ve ever seen.

The logic behind this is absolutely ludicrous, of course–following it to its rational end believes that you can walk straight to hell itself via a series of underground caverns, and why on earth wouldn’t the really nasty Crawlers go up and start killing the lesser Crawlers?  Why wouldn’t they just make an escape if they were used to cannibalism?  But maybe we’ll get some good shocks out of it if nothing else.

But how long we’re going to have to wait for it is still up in the air.  I’ve got release dates for it in Brazil and Russia but nothing as of yet for the States.  Keep it here for all the latest.

The Descent 2: The Shameless Cash Grab

Apparently, someone thought highly enough of the rather mediocre film The Descent to bring it around for The Descent 2.  I wonder if someone referenced Spaceballs when they put the idea out there—The Descent 2!…The Search For More Money!

The plot is pretty well half-baked, picking up where we left off with Sarah, who collapses at a gas station following her subterranean ordeal.  Rushed to a local hospital and so traumatized she can’t actually speak—somehow—she leads a search and rescue team back to find the, by now, chewed corpses of her friends.  Naturally, things don’t go as expected, and the search and rescue team is fighting for its life.

As we all pretty much expected.  But on the up side, there will be once again plenty of terror hotties to go around, with Anna Skellern, Shauna McDonald, Krysten Cummings, Natalie Mendoza and more ready to show us all a good time under ground.  And attacked by horrible monstrosities, of course, but that’s just the price you pay.