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The Incident Gets A Release Date

IFC Midnight got its hands on The Incident, and that’s a very good sign indeed. But even better, we also know when this one will be hitting shelves near us, and that’s a significant plus in its own right.

The Incident follows a group of guys in a rock band who, while working toward their big break, find themselves working in the kitchen at a maximum security insane asylum. But what the Arkham kitchen crew doesn’t know, as they arrive for work one day, that it’s about to be a big night for them indeed. A sudden storm takes out the security system, and in turn, lets the inmates loose. Help is on the way, not surprisingly, but will it manage to get there before the lunatics can vent their mad rage on those who work there?

Featuring Anna Skellern as one of the film’s main terror hotties, this one should be something to see indeed. If anyone else sees a few parallels between this and a good old fashioned Batman story, well, you’re not alone. And we’ll get to find out just how much like a Batman story this turns out to be when it hits a limited theatrical release May 4th, with a video on demand release likely a month beforehand.

The Incident Terror Hotties Are Not For The Squeamish

You know a horror movie’s going to be something when it makes people pass out on the festival circuit. Of course, it may be something great or something terrible. And While I’m still not decided, the fact that it got IFC distribution goes a long way for me.

Featuring Anna Skellern as the terror hottie of note, The Incident follows three struggling musicians who are out to make a little cash, in the grandest Three Stooges tradition. And when they end up becoming cooks, it still seems pretty Larry, Moe and Curly…until we discover they’ve taken that job at an insane asylum. When the power goes out and the inmates escape…well…then it gets worse. Substantially worse.

Two people fainted when this was shown at the Midnight Madness portion of the Toronto International Film Festival, and that was likely all the pedigree IFC Midnight needed to pick it up.

No word on a release date, but with IFC Midnight in control of it, well, I’m rather looking forward to it. They don’t do many bad movies.

The Descent 2: The Shameless Cash Grab

Apparently, someone thought highly enough of the rather mediocre film The Descent to bring it around for The Descent 2.  I wonder if someone referenced Spaceballs when they put the idea out there—The Descent 2!…The Search For More Money!

The plot is pretty well half-baked, picking up where we left off with Sarah, who collapses at a gas station following her subterranean ordeal.  Rushed to a local hospital and so traumatized she can’t actually speak—somehow—she leads a search and rescue team back to find the, by now, chewed corpses of her friends.  Naturally, things don’t go as expected, and the search and rescue team is fighting for its life.

As we all pretty much expected.  But on the up side, there will be once again plenty of terror hotties to go around, with Anna Skellern, Shauna McDonald, Krysten Cummings, Natalie Mendoza and more ready to show us all a good time under ground.  And attacked by horrible monstrosities, of course, but that’s just the price you pay.