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The Apocalypse Is Sooner Than You Think

(Thandie Newton)

Thandie Newton AND Amanda Peet together in the same movie? Wow, this must really be a sign of the apocalypse… doubly fitting since the movie in question is 2012, a disaster in the making.

No pun intended, but probably necessary.

Basically, in the not too distant future most of us are going to get killed. And almost no one will see it coming because the only people who actually know about it are generally regarded as a collection of loons and goobers. You know the type I’m talking about– real tinfoil hat types.

When even the movie trailer will ask the question: how would the government prepare 6 billion people for the end of the world? then immediately follows it up with the answer: they wouldn’t, you know you’re in for a good old-fashioned dose of antigovernment paranoia. And indeed, the aforementioned trailer looks pretty sweet, even if it does remind me of The Day After Tomorrow. So at the end of the day, I’m looking forward to this one. If for no other reason than to see how badly they botched it.

The End of the World A-Comin’?

So this time around I’ve got a good one for you—I know, I’m shocked myself!—and it’s called 2012.  No, it has absolutely nothing to do with computers who sing like Keir Dullea; rather, it’s in reference to the year in which mankind is supposed to be wiped off the skin of the earth by forces unknown because the Aztecs couldn’t make a calendar that saw past that year.

Anyway, something happens in Aztec Doom Year 2012, and it wipes out almost all of mankind except for a little group who is now left in the struggle to survive.  Considering it includes Amanda Peet and Thandie Newton, it’s a terror hottie future after all!  Frankly, if the world DID blow up and leave me with Amanda Peet and Thandie Newton I’d count myself royally ahead of the game.

Meanwhile, why ARE we so concerned about 2012 anyway?  So the Aztec or Mayan or Olmec or Toltec or whatever calendar doesn’t go past 2012!  So what?  These people barely knew what FIRE was but we’re counting on them to accurately predict the destruction of the planet from about four thousand years in advance?  Seems like we’re putting just a little too much weight on the idiot savants from the subcontinent.

But the movie will still likely be entertaining and definitely packed with terror hotties, so that makes it plenty worthwhile.


(Thandie Newton)



(Amanda Peet)