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Slaughterhouses Do Not Make Good Rest Stops

(Holly Brisley)

HollyBrisley and Erica Leerhsen form the terror hottie phalanx that is James Colmer’s upcoming title, The Fury.  And when you hear about Colmer’s previous titles, you’ll probably be shaking your head in disappointed sorrow as to what he has in mind for the newest one.

This is the guy who brought us House of Wax and See No Evil, Lions Gate crapfests which gave us new low-water marks for being, respectively, a Paris Hilton vehicle and a movie that features a professional wrestler in a pretty much nonspeaking role.

It should come as the most cynical of non-surprises that The Fury, thusly, will be about five teenagers (played by twentysomethings) who seek shelter in an abandoned slaughterhouse for some reason.  And since we’ve got five kids in an abandoned slaughterhouse in a horror movie, you know—you KNOW!—that the slaughterhouse is haunted.  Yep, haunted like a crazy mad bastard, that one is.

Just what we aaaaaaall needed—yet another spectacular waste of time and film spent watching idiot teenagers get slaughtered by random ghosties in a place they had no business being in to begin with.

Am I the only one who actually holds out hope for horror movies to, you know, NOT suck any more?

(Holly Brisley)


(Erica Leerhsen)