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Paved With Blood and Spent Brass

Cynthia Curnan is the terror hottie behind the upcoming indie thriller Road To Hell, and with Michael Pare involved, you know there’s going to be plenty of explosive action involved.

Pare plays Cody, an ex-soldier turned serial killer who’s gone into the desert looking for relief from his psychotic days of terror and blood.  Meanwhile, heading towards him are a pair of spree-killers in what sounds like the grandest Mickey and Mallory tradition, and when the spree killers meet the serial killer in the desert, the fur will fly and the heads will roll.

First off, kudos to Curnan for putting together was sounds like an absolutely explosive mixture, but I have to confess that I’m a little worried.  These kinds of things are downright dangerous unless they’re handled properly, and especially in the indie market (as this one is), proper handling techniques are often and well-known to get the proverbial hind tit.

They’ve just started casting, so it’ll be a while before any new data comes out, but know that I’ll pass it right on to you when I hear something more.