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The Prank’s Not on The Audience For Once

(Ellie Cornell)

Now here’s an interesting concept from a trio of terror hotties.  Scream queens Danielle Harris of Halloween, Heather Langenkamp of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Ellie Cornell of Halloweens Four and Five, united together to bring us a massive horror anthology called Prank, which is actually slated to have many more terror hotties involved in its construction than just the directors.

Mentioned at HorrorHound Weekend in Pittsburgh, so far the only real synopsis I’ve been able to score is on Danielle Harris’ own entry.  Titled “Madison”, it’s all about a young woman not surprisingly named Madison who’s waiting up for her boyfriend to come home.  She’s starting to believe that something may have happened to her boyfriend…and that it might happen to her next.  This idea, of course, is not bad—kinda derivative, really—but definitely the kind of package that could yield a whole megaton of explosive scares.

Less information is available about Langenkamp’s “Jessica” and Cornell’s “Cassidy” installments, but if they’re on par with “Madison”, we should be in for a pretty sweet frightfest on the order of soon, especially given that Harris reports that “Madison” is done.

(Heather Langenkemp / Danielle Harris)