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Terror Hotties On the Menu At Bubba’s Chili Parlour

The terrific terror hottie duo of Audrey Elizabeth Evans and Sarah Pettit get together to present us with Bubba’s Chili Parlour, a film that makes the phrase “only in America” feel good again.

Seriously—you’ll be chuckling wryly saying “Only in America” when you get a glimpse of this wild chili fight brought to you by a bartender from a TGI Fridays in downtown Dallas on his off hours.  Again I say to you, seriously, as Joey Evans took his bartending tips and financed his own small picture called Bubba’s Chili Parlour, now currently playing this years UK Frightfest.

Enjoy it, Brits; the plotline looks like the kind of thing only a Dallas bartender could put together: free government meat arrives at the doors of the respectable restaurant Bubba’s Chili Parlour, but there’s a catch no one knows about—mad cow disease.  Bubba puts the meat in his chili and serves up a batch of homebrewed death sauce guaranteed to make anyone who eats up turn up into the walking undead.  And with a host of zombies roaming the earth and anarchy and panic loose in the streets, the power vacuum gives the Zombie King, a haughty, regal severed head, just the opening he needs to pronounce the beginning of his undead reign from the parking lot of Bubba’s Chili Parlour.

Only in America!