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Those Wacky Knights Templar

(Rachel Nau)

Something about those Knights Templar is getting a lot of airtime these days, as “The Wicked” becomes the second movie in as many weeks I’ve heard about featuring the quasi-mythical religious order. And even better, there’s plenty of terror hotties to go around here, like Rachel Nau, Natasha Tabandera and Kristin Woodburn.

An interesting premise starts that one off—Satanism becomes officially illegal in the United States, and thus Grace, Queen of a Satanic cult, has her hands full. Not only is she and her coven being hunted by those wacky Knights Templar, she’s also faced with some internal struggles as well. And that means there’s a whole lot of problem for the beleaguered Satanists.

You know, I haven’t actually seen a movie that makes Satanists into victims. I’ve seen them as killers and as villains and as unwitting dupes of much larger forces, but never as someone’s idea of a sympathetic victim. Seriously, trying to make Satanists into sympathetic figures smacks of a bad idea—it’s like trying to make the Klan into a sympathetic figure; it just doesn’t work out.