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Shaken, Not Stirred

(Rachel Taylor)

I love LionsGate.  Truly I do.  And it has almost nothing to do with the fact that they’re constantly sending me free movies for review, either.  Almost.

It’s because they’re continually flooding the market with a steady rush of direct to video horror films that give us access to absolutely spectacular terror hotties like Caitlin Wachs and Rachel Taylor in the upcoming “The Legend of Bloody Mary”.

The boys at Bloody-Disgusting gave a solid synopsis, which I bring to you here:

Ryan has been plagued with nightmares ever since his sister Amy went missing eight years earlier after playing the game “Bloody Mary.” Now, a senior in college, he begins to reach a mental breaking point from the years of stress and guilt over his sister’s disappearance. Ryan’s girlfriend, frustrated herself at his emotional distance and self pity, calls Father O’Neal for guidance. Father O’Neal, both a priest and an archaeologist, decides to help Ryan end his tormenting grief by using his detective skills to figure out what exactly happened to Amy. Together, they uncover the truth about The Legend of Bloody Mary.

Okay, granted, it’s a little derivative.  We were playing Bloody Mary games back in my childhood days, and even the movies took that ball and ran with it across most of the Urban Legend series.  But still, sometimes, a classic never goes out of style, and if ever anything qualified for classic status, it’s the monster movie you could make in your own bathroom—Bloody Mary.

And we’ll all get sloshed with a Bloody Mary when her Legend drops this September 16th.

(Rachel Taylor)

(Caitlin Wachs)