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The Divine Heather Surdukan

Heather Surdukan provides an absolutely divine terror hottie performance in “Salvation”, a movie that proves positively that the eternal battle for the souls of mankind can have plenty of terror hottie goodness too.

The plot of “Salvation” is interesting enough—bringing back the old Knights Templar legend, Knight Gabriel is burned at the stake, his soul condemned to continue that old battle over the souls of mankind like I talked about earlier.  Gabriel saves eight year old Michaela from being permanently dead following her murder at the hands of a biker gang (amazing what a dead Templar Knight can do, huh?).  Michaela grows up into an absolute terror hottie and goes hunting up the biker gang that killed her, to great success.  But it’s not that simple for Michaela as she’ll now need to choose which side SHE’LL take in that grand old battle for humanity’s souls.

“Salvation”, at least, sounds like it’s got the potential to be big and quite thoroughly badass, and you can find out just how big right now on Netflix or elsewhere.